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Please note:
Currently the business cards section has a very limited number of cards to transcribe.
As a result, most of the time you would notice this section has no available work for you, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.
You may want to try other sections in our site, or alternatively, check this section mainly during morning/noon Japan time, Monday thru Friday. (Last updated: 28th of April 2015)

What is this section all about?

This is a very cool section, where you get coins for matching information that is showing on Business Cards.
It is a very unique place that you might not find in other websites, and is proud to have it.


I would like to know - When would I see the coins in my account?

So that is very simple. This system works on Japan time, and records your entries day by day. Every midnight (00:00) at Japan time, the amount of correct entries you made will be finalized and 2 hours later you would be credited with the coins. Then the next day you have a fresh start.

In another words:

00:00 – Midnight, Japan Time, your correct entry numbers are finalized and recorded.

02:00 – 2 hours later, at 2 o’clock in the morning, Japan time - our system would credit you with the coins for the day before.


Okay, so how many coins do I get for matching information?

For every correct entry you make (for example, correct phone number) you would get 0.20 coins, so that means for 5 correct entries you would get 1 coin and for 10 correct entries you would get 2 coins. Please note you can easily make between 5 to 10 correct entries in one single business card itself!

Our recommendation for you is to try and see how long it takes you to make 100 correct entries, which are equivalent of 20 coins!
If you think you can type fast then that can be done within 5 to 10 minutes or less.
Just remember - the entries must be correct or you won't be credited for them.


What are the entries marked in the “checking” area mean?

Those are entries which are further checked by the system. Come back later to see if some of these are approved.


Most important question – How do I get as many correct entries as possible?

Please note you need to match the information exactly as it appears in the business card, for example in this business card:

The name is Michael Johnson. The company name is Tech Nice Inc. as shown in the card. The department is: Sales Division. The title is: Manager.
The address is listed as:
1st Avenue New York, NY 11111

The phone number (the Dial-in is preferable over the first one, and) is shown as +1-123-456-7892 and the fax is +1-123-456-7893. No mobile number is given so that entry (field) should be left blank. Sometimes some other cards might not include all information, and in that case just skip on those entries and don’t fill these out.

The email is

Lastly, the URL is  so that is pretty much it.


Try to work like this and you would make lots of coins.
Cool, isn’t it ?