1 Month

06-07-2008 18:09
I just noticed something :o
I've been a member for 1 month now :D
Wow, there sure has happened a lot this month ^^
- I did all offers available to me
- I advertised to around 1000 people!! Only a few joined ._. (People don't trust easy cash sites :S)
- I earned $5 for my signature ^.^
- I became a Dutch Moderator
- I got to know in what country GPT admin lives xD

Well, you all made this possible ^^
If the people weren't so darn nice I wouldn't be active here :D

And a special thanks to GPTreasure :)

Now all bow to me! ;P


Edit: Lol! The funny thing is, this was my 400th post xD
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07-07-2008 00:47
Congrats Sagabmx :goodjob:

In 1 year it would be a birthday.
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Get-Paid.com Admin
07-07-2008 06:37
gratzz for 1 month i need 8 more days for 1 month :P
07-07-2008 09:25
Gratz :)
07-07-2008 12:13
ieeeps :)

i hope you stay here for more months ;)
and congratz
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07-07-2008 15:21
congratulation :).
i'm a member here since 2006 !
i earned a lot in gptreasure.com, it's the best site.
thanks to Gptreasure Team.
07-07-2008 22:54
Gratz :)
I wish u high xxx $ here ^^
07-07-2008 23:43
Gratz and good job :goodjob:
09-07-2008 02:32
Good job... I dunno the country GPT admin lives in. Can anyone tell me? It is USA, is it not?
09-07-2008 11:35
I dunno why but he feels Italian to me...
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