GDPR takes the GDPR extremely seriously and hereby provides full transparency in regards to data collection, data keeping and processing.

Data Collection

When a user signs up to he/she provides an email address, additional information can be filled out as well in the user profile. does not buy user data from any 3rd parties and all the information collects is collected via registering in the site.

How the data is being used will never send out unsolicited emails to its users, and will never use the emails users provide upon registration for any marketing purposes or any other purposes except for extremely urgent incidents such as data breach or anything that requires an immediate attention from its users.

How communicates with its users provides an envelope icon in the user account where the user can get notifications from These notifications are internal messaging within the site, as mentioned before no emails will be sent whatsoever.

Is the information stored with secured? is doing its utmost to ensure the information provided is saved securely and will never share this information with any other party without the user consent. The information the users provide is not accessible to the users and is saved on a secured server with encryption.

What is offering? (Transparency) by nature provides its users with many options to make money from home, the users must be aware that is directing its users to 3rd party websites or apps in order for them to make money, and clearly states these 3rd parties are not part of and the users are advised to check the policies offered by each site they visit. Nonetheless, always listens to user complaints and will remove any offers that are not in compliant with GDPR nor with any other policies that are not in line with regulators.

How to delete an account?

If a user wishes to delete his/her account all he/she needs to do is to contact us via the Contact Form in our site and we will reply back to the user email to inform the user his/her account is deleted.

Replies by emails

If a user contacts via the Contact Form in the site he/she should expect a response via email. Requests sent via the form are expected to be replied via emails as well, we will never send an email unless the user has contacted us first or unless it’s a case of a serious urgency as stipulated in the section “How the data is being used”.


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