Today we've processed the last payouts of Moneybookers and we do apologize for the delay with it.

LibertyReserve as mentioned in the other thread in this forum is working fine for us so we've processed all payouts of LR. I understand from some members that LR doesn't work for them, and right now we cannot do anything about it as it's not our website.
I just suggest to members to refresh their DNS by following the simple steps below:

1) Click on "Start"
2) Click on "Run"
3) Type "cmd"
4) Type "ipconfig /dnsflush"
5) Type "ipconfig /flushdns"
6) Restart your computer
7) While your computer is being restarted disconnect your modem and reconnect it. (disconnect it for about 20 seconds)
8) Before going online delete all cookies and saved temp files, then go online and try to go to LibertyReserve website then.

Thank you.
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Regards, Admin