August 8, 2008 - Advertising Forum

09-08-2008 08:29
Awww ....
09-08-2008 08:36
It is ok for me. So we can still use our signature.
hope there are more members coming in.
best regards
09-08-2008 10:21
I haven't got paid by those who say they are gonna pay me... is there anyway to find out who was that?
09-08-2008 12:33
ok admin
09-08-2008 15:01

Me2 :-(
09-08-2008 17:48
still need get from some 1 that $0.05 somethign whit a W -.-
09-08-2008 21:48
no problem!
11-08-2008 08:26
can you pl put it up again
14-08-2008 02:04
I have more than 50 referrals join this site. So, my referrals will not able to join as my downline for other website.

May be admin should set some rules to post ads, such as 1 site allowed, no duplicate entry is allowed, must have payment proof,...

Hope admin can consider to open it again.
14-08-2008 02:10
I know and aware of it and apologize for doing it, but we must have a way to persuade users to not put false links, unfortunately we cannot monitor a big amount of posts and in this case there are many users who lose from this forum, by being falsely redirected to invalid websites.
If you have questions related to our site please use our SUPPORT FORUM. If you want to see our latest updates please visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM. It's as easy as that.

Regards, Admin
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