Complaint!! (Den

12-09-2008 15:23

I have a complaint, I think this is the best word to tranlate from portuguese of "den
12-09-2008 16:01
and u believed?
12-09-2008 16:25
Of Course no ! aha
I am user here since february..
I am doing this to alert admin about it..
12-09-2008 16:36
yeah, i know.
that was just kidding. XD
12-09-2008 19:47
[color=00CC00]where he has said that if u register here u get a MP3 ?
take here the link,
to can show us that this guy is lying for get referrals.


btw, dont worry, my english sucks too heheh

btw, this thread should be in another board... not in announcements..xd
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12-09-2008 23:02
If you could please provide us with a link to one of the person's posts he made or however you saw him advertising GPTreasure. This would be a great help to resolve the case.
13-09-2008 02:01
thank you for informing us
13-09-2008 06:06
tsk tsk...thats a bad way to get refferals.
Shame on the user 'FREEMP3'
13-09-2008 06:39
oh, crap. another color user.
and SAGITARI, crap. another active member.
just noticed...
13-09-2008 10:06
LOL....yea, i think using colors for posts aint that good.
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