Downtime May 5-9, 2008 {New Thread}

04-05-2008 06:02
It seems like the idea of this thread wasn't clear:

I would just like to point out the downtime is expected to be during those 4 days for a very minimum time. It's not like the website is closed/not accessible for 4 days, but only during those days in some hours the website will not be accessible.

For example:
In of the days the website won't be available for a few hours.
In the other day same thing.
Other days 2 hours etc etc..

I hope that makes more sense now, we're definitely not closing the site for 4 days, everything will be operated as usual, and I assume some members won't even notice that downtime.

I hope that now everything makes more sense.

Thank you!
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Regards, Admin
04-05-2008 06:08
wew.....!!! more offer~! yay
04-05-2008 06:20
now it 's clear
in the past thread i thought that you will close the site for these days but now i understand and this is a good thing for all
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