Good news for Alertpay users

16-05-2008 17:59
We've changed our terms for Alertpay users.

There is still a $1.00 minimum with Alertpay however from this day (May 16, 2008) you won't need to inform us when you pass the $1.00 minimum!
We will process automatically from today all Alertpay payouts that are over $1.00
Some users may even get paid today for payments ON HOLD from February, we haven't deleted those records and we do not keep the money to ourselves. :-)
I hope this is good news and hopefully we're looking forward to see Alertpay taking off the $1.00 limit in the future.

For more info:
If you have questions related to our site please use our SUPPORT FORUM. If you want to see our latest updates please visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM. It's as easy as that.

Regards, Admin
16-05-2008 18:04
Great news for AleryPay users,everything will be done automatically :-D
16-05-2008 18:52
Great news! I used Alertpay, but it's not great for me. T_T
I prefer PayPal now, but I have money in E-gold too (I'm looking for a exchange, if anyone want, please contact me).

Anyway, thanks for your work!
16-05-2008 19:36
Great news for Alertpay users! I don't use AlertPay, I use PayPal.
21-05-2008 15:11
yep i think i was 1 to get paid 1st with that new rule [:d]
21-05-2008 17:35
yes great news but i have to find some good offers until this 1 $
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