July 23, 2008 - New GoldUS Offer: HSBC Insurance

23-07-2008 21:33

"When you're young you consume yourself for money and when you're getting old you consume your money for yourself" (Asian saying)
Get your peace of mind for the next 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years!
HSBC offers you a life insurance, up to $500,000 coverage, Instant coverage and even 30 day money back guarantee.
Create your own quote now and see how so little you can spend to insure your life.

This offer is for $5.00 and for Gold US members. :goodjob:

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Get-Paid.com Admin
23-07-2008 22:05
woow, i like these kind of offers.
27-07-2008 22:42
a great offer, goldus member are lucky.
i whish there were an offer like that in international section :D
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