Lottery! Win over $10,-

13-09-2008 14:58
Dear GPTreasure members,
Today I have openen my new website:

This is a online lottery, you can win loads of money.
And 10% of all people who take part of the lottery will win!!

As you guys know, with GPTreasure you can get money by doing offers.

If you have gained 1 dollar with GPTreasure, then you can take part of the lottery! Just by buying 1 ticket!! You have a high chance of winning prizes like $10!

The more people that enter the lottery, the higher the prize will be!

So just try it! :D

Have fun!
13-09-2008 15:22
advertisment :P but u only got 10% chance so :P
13-09-2008 15:30
No, 10% of everyone who enters the lottery will win.

I decided to make from 10% - 40%!!!

So now if you enter the lottery, you have a 40% chance of winning!
13-09-2008 15:42
no need for moneyloss.
13-09-2008 15:45
no need for moneyloss.
13-09-2008 22:07
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