*** NPD Draw is back - US/CAD Members! *** [August 17, 2008]

20-06-2008 00:39
Our draw is back and will be held again for the 2nd time on August 17, 2008 (Sunday).
The draw will have 2 winners, 1 per each country:

1 winner - US - prize: $50.00
1 winner - Canada - prize: $50.00

The promotion is associated with:

NPD Group - Operating since 1967.

All you need to do is to enter your Full Name and your Email and you're all set! Request the payout from MY OFFERS and wait for August 17 to see if you're the winner of $50.00!

Goodluck! :-D
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Get-Paid.com Admin
20-06-2008 03:09
welcome back NDP Draw *_*
20-06-2008 03:43
Nice .... But cant participate :-(
21-06-2008 15:59
good luck
and what about the member who refered the winner
because it will encourages us by doing little advertise for this nice site
thank you
22-06-2008 18:34
seems so long away
can't wait! xD
22-06-2008 18:38
make it for dutch people 2 :P gl us/cad people btw
24-06-2008 16:13
Great! I hope I win. :)
23-07-2008 01:55
Well im hoping to win this draw xD
24-07-2008 03:47
Hmm, If I win this it would let me buy a domain name for a year.

I'll enter it :-D
04-08-2008 11:42
it is great
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