New offers for french members :)

25-07-2008 11:56
hi everyone ;);
the admin added Two new Offers in french section,
the first one is "Meetic (0.40$",
the second is "Easy Flirt (0.30$)",
so goodluck to everyone and have a nice time ;).
25-07-2008 14:58
Isnt it the same as:
25-07-2008 18:07
hehe u didn't have to double post :P but gratzz french people
25-07-2008 21:02

adityatandon wrote:
Isnt it the same as:

yes, i posted the thread two time !!!
sorry ;
when the admin enter he will delet it.
26-07-2008 01:31

It would be good also to put it in the French forum if possible. :-)
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Regards, Admin
26-07-2008 15:55
i did yesterday when you told me that! :).
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