October 3, 2008 - Referral Payments

03-10-2008 23:07
The payment for referrals will be processed tomorrow (Saturday) instead of today. Apologies for the slight delay and for any inconvenience caused.

Have a good weekend.
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Get-Paid.com Admin
03-10-2008 23:18
04-10-2008 04:42
No problem:-)
Even next week or next month is alright with me :-D
04-10-2008 08:05
This week I have 7 referrals. Yuhuuuuuuu!
04-10-2008 09:06
wow. i got only 1.
and thats old.
04-10-2008 10:31
I got one for this week :-(
04-10-2008 15:49
OK, this week I have 10 referrals to receive.
Thank you :-D
05-10-2008 14:39
Haha, I don't have any referrals :'D So, no money. =(
06-10-2008 01:32
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