See you in a few weeks :o

22-07-2008 20:57

lately I'm a bit bored and stuff..
GPTreasure doesn't interest me that much anymore :|
I have done all offers, reffered everyone i knew, just a few people signed up and the dutch forum is kinda bleeding dead :| (@ least, I think so ;) (A))

This means I'm not gonna be active for a few weeks :o
I'll be back when winter comes ;) (Or sooner)

Have fun! Without me that is :-\


PS: You might see me show up a few times anyway ;)
PPS: I'd like to keep my Dutch mod-status ^^
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22-07-2008 21:12
hehe well cya :P ye we know we need new dutch offers
23-07-2008 05:56
Mod status will remain, no problems :-)
We will do other changes (not with you) if needed by the end of the month as always.

Have fun!
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Regards, Admin
23-07-2008 07:02
GPTreasure doesn't interest me that much anymore :|

Im in the same boat as you :S ... nothing to do here except for the forums ...
23-07-2008 08:34
You know,,, this is my third second here,, and never felt I am bored ,,, Gptreasure is amazing,, and its admin is amazing
23-07-2008 12:42
Ye im waiting until people are posting @ dutch forum o.O.
24-07-2008 03:50
I also got bored of Gptreasure. I used to be on a posting rampage :-D

I just left Gptreasure for a few months, and now I'm slowly coming back.
24-07-2008 19:50
bye saga =[. ill probably not be on as much too, only to check my offers.
27-07-2008 21:42
Have fun with whatever youre going to do Saga!
27-07-2008 22:35
good luck, when you come back there will be a lot of new offers! bah, maybe, maybe.
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