September 10, 2008 - Payments Today

10-09-2008 05:47
Hello, payments will be processed today (Wed) in the afternoon US time, just letting you know.

Best Regards.
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Regards, Admin
10-09-2008 06:09
that's good news..
10-09-2008 06:34
Waitting payment ^^!
10-09-2008 07:18
WOOHOOO...i hope i get paid for all the offers It took. :-)
10-09-2008 11:28
okss ;)

match offer is on work status ;) niceee
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10-09-2008 15:42
yeah hopefully it sooon afternoon in the US
10-09-2008 16:41
gOOD, gOOD, 2 of my offers are on "Work" ^-^
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