September 17, 2008 - New Offers next week!

17-09-2008 00:14
So after 2 weeks with no big updates we are expecting to bring up new offers next week, such as Play65 for Spain, New Gptreasure Lotto offer, New Finnish translation and more!

All I can tell you now is to stay tuned. :goodjob:
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Regards, Admin
17-09-2008 02:03
nice news! thanks :-).
17-09-2008 02:28
More offer more chance more money. I love you,admin.:)
17-09-2008 04:39
more offers!!!
(almost used all from that trans.)
17-09-2008 04:42
lol nice news thanks you gptreasure :-D
17-09-2008 12:54
niceee, new offer for spain yeahh ;)

Si hablas español y tienes dudas, por favor abre un nuevo tema en el apartado de Miembros de Habla Hispana.*Proud of being part of Get-Paid Team*SIEMPRE FUERTE 8-)
17-09-2008 13:59
hmm new lotto sounds like new chance for luck :)
18-09-2008 04:41
yeah. we do stay and expect new offers.
18-09-2008 20:22
Thanks for the new spanish offer. ^^

Sagitari, Party ! :-D
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