September 21, 2008 - New GoldUS offer:

22-09-2008 00:58
The offer is paying $1.00 per registration and it's available now.

Coming soon new survey offers for some European countries - Sweden, Norway and Finland.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend because it's almost over, at least here anyway, although whoever is in Hawaii has all the afternoon yet :-P
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Regards, Admin
22-09-2008 01:02
nice news :), thanks for info ;)
22-09-2008 01:48
? i still have tomorrow off
22-09-2008 04:31
Too bad it wasn't for Gold Club International :-(
22-09-2008 05:31
im gonna go check the new offer
22-09-2008 14:17
finland offers coming!
23-09-2008 05:11
Good for you :-)
23-09-2008 12:05
Yeah, Finland! =D
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