September 23, 2008 - Payments

24-09-2008 02:45
Payments will be made tomorrow, on Wednesday, towards the evening US time.

Thank you!
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Regards, Admin
24-09-2008 03:20
thanks for notification. wow, money will reach me.
24-09-2008 05:29
Okay thanks for informing us.
Although I know when I will get my money:-)
24-09-2008 13:07
thanks for inform, although i dont have anything coming...
24-09-2008 15:58
Everyone now is happy !!! huh ! :p
25-09-2008 06:41
yay i got paid, thankz admin xD
25-09-2008 13:15
i dont have anything coming :-(
no referrals and no offers.

soon i hope continue earning money. :-)
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25-09-2008 13:51
I have get paid 10.10$. :)
Thanks admin!
25-09-2008 13:56
I get my moneys too, thanks! =) But now I don't have good offers to make, so no money for long time..
25-09-2008 19:17
Oh man!!!
Iy is soo long time scienc I got money from gptreasure!!
have sweet luck in gptreasure,, and wish best money for all u from GPTREAURE!
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