September 26, 2008 - Updates

26-09-2008 23:40
We've added some new US offers today such as Kaboodle, Halloween candies (for $0.40!), and eSecureOrder which is a different version of the old offer we used to run here previously this month.

No new offers today for other countries but we are expecting to have new ones for Netherlands next week and hopefully for Spain and Italy if we get approved to run those next week. :-)

PS - A very small update to let you know - the payments for Referrals will be paid tomorrow (Saturday) and not today!

Have a good weekend!
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Regards, Admin
26-09-2008 23:49
Thanks for Italy offer :P

We still want more :)

Thanks Admin :)
27-09-2008 04:40
No wonder my refs haven't been paid for.
No problem. I wont mind getting paid next week too.
Good weekend to all of you guys!! And mine is about to end:-(
28-09-2008 16:04
thanks for infos .
28-09-2008 16:57
congrats guys...
28-09-2008 17:52
now is always the saturday?
ah ok,
no problem

thx for inform usss. ;-)
Si hablas español y tienes dudas, por favor abre un nuevo tema en el apartado de Miembros de Habla Hispana.*Proud of being part of Get-Paid Team*SIEMPRE FUERTE 8-)
29-09-2008 05:34
No, I think it's just this once:-)
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