September 29, 2008 - Payments

29-09-2008 23:40
Just letting you know to not be worried, our payments will be processed this week on Wednesday (October 1, 2008) instead of Tuesday. It's not a major change but I'm just letting you know.

As always, get ready for our Cherry Credits Draw and Gptreasure Lotto that will take place as well on Wednesday! :goodjob:
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Regards, Admin
30-09-2008 01:04
well done :),Thanks.
30-09-2008 05:38
great. thanks a lot. hope i can win, lol
30-09-2008 05:40
Good luck to all competing in the Lotto!!
30-09-2008 13:07
Whii, have to win that Lotto ;D $3 is lots of money for me!
30-09-2008 14:18
me too!
30-09-2008 21:34
rawr +1 for CC ^^
01-10-2008 12:34
Good luck to all competing
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