** UPDATES - MAY 22, 2008 **

22-05-2008 22:43
Dear members,

First of all I do apologize for not being able to be around in the last 3 days.
Here are the full updates in our website:

Philippines Contest:

We were expecting to receive the stats for the contest earlier but they haven't come out until today.
We do apologize for the delay.
Winner is announced on that thread! :)
Also, please note that eBay PH will be paused and should return only next month.

Cherry Credits Draw:

Due to the fact 5,000 Cherry Credits aren't enough to be exchanged for G-Coins we've decided to change our draw.
We will announce 10 winners every month, and each winner will receive 10,000 Cherry Credits! :)
I hope those terms would be better for you, however you're welcome to post your thoughts.
We will link the link in our main page to a new thread about it by the way so all members could be catched up with that information.

New Offers:

We've uploaded many many new offers into our website, you're welcome to see it here:

Canada - RewardsCentre.net - $0.20 (Get $500 Grocery Card)
Germany - Zylom.de - $0.30 (Gaming website)
GoldUS - Points.com - $0.30 (Rewards website)
Italy - eMule.com - $0.30 (The most popular file-sharing software - get paid for using it)
Germany - umfrage-deutschland.de - $0.25 (Register for a chance to win 10,000 Euros)

Offers going down:

We've decided or asked to take down the following offers:

Italy - Betfair.it (Users have made deposits, we paid them but we got no credit for them and it caused us just to lose money.)
Portugal - JackpotCity.com (This offer isn't tracking and we very much apologize about that.)
GoldUS - Npdor.com (Expired)
US - PublicOpinionGroup.com (Expired)

Future Plans:

We are checking an option to have more forum rooms in different languages especially for users who don't speak English very well.
New offers will come up today and tomorrow!
We are working on having new sections soon!

Please drop here a post if you have more suggestions and comments.

Thank you!

If you have questions related to our site please use our SUPPORT FORUM. If you want to see our latest updates please visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM. It's as easy as that.


Get-Paid.com Admin
22-05-2008 23:30
creating new forums is a good idea !
23-05-2008 00:16
french section is great for many people here and if you open an arabic one it will be soon the best because we love talking
thank you and don't forget some new offers with big sum in north afrique offers
23-05-2008 01:57
good job !
23-05-2008 04:05
I Can't w8 who win to philippines contest ^_^
23-05-2008 04:35
No Indian offer/competition yet ! :-O :-(
23-05-2008 13:49
Yeah! Great new offers! You work hard! Thaaanks!

Post-Message: The extra forums will be frantastics!
23-05-2008 14:36
Yeah! New forums! Spanish Forum :D
23-05-2008 22:18
New forums would be nice for everyone who doesn't speak English, definitely a good idea =]

As for suggestions, maybe a 'Report' button next to offers just incase they stop working? :)
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