Updates for the weekend May 16, 2008

17-05-2008 01:18
Okay, so another week has just passed by and we've some udpates for this weekend:

1) New Draw - as linked in our main page we're going to start with a new Cherry Credits draw. We might change the way it works so people could get enough Cherry Credits to redeem to G-Coins (Will 10k Cherry Credits be good per winner?)

Likewise, we're checking the option of having other payout methods in that draw per request of members. It's still without a final decision.

2) We've added a big offer for Italy - Betfair paying $30.00 and also Jackpotcity for Portugal with $20.00 (no need to pay anything in Jackpotcity, just need to have a credit card to verify). Those offers are in our experience very limited and won't last for a long time.
PS If members from Italy want us to increase the payout on Betfair beyond 50% from $30.00 to $40.00 let us know please!

3) We've started to try a new offer Green Card with Italy, Spain and Israel. More countries should come soon in our plans, so we will keep you posted.

4)We might add more countries such as Hungary, Czech and New Zealand but it's still in processing levels at the moment.

5) Poland - we got a new offer, paying very little though but it's a nice website of mp3s, very popular in Poland. (called iPlay)

That's it, if you have queries or anything to add please feel free to reply and post your post below.

Have a good weekend!
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Get-Paid.com Admin
17-05-2008 03:18
Wew..that's good update admin..

we really appreciate it.

well 10k cherry rock xD.

Cherry Credits draw and the Lotto draw yay..

I need Charm!!!! ^_^
17-05-2008 11:10
any new offers for morocco we have 1 offer with just 0.15 $
thank you
17-05-2008 14:24
Still waiting for such offers for India :)
17-05-2008 18:01
good jobs and moooooooooore offers for all please
17-05-2008 18:21
woow offer with 30 dollars!! fanncy that
17-05-2008 20:16
wow 30 usd! Is an awesome offer! i wish i was italian!
18-05-2008 03:34
yay if NZ becomes part of GPTreasure, and the CC draw
18-05-2008 15:24
Wow 30$ that's great for Italians, it would be so good if we have some offer like this in poland
18-05-2008 17:16
good news but any new about fluc and morocco new offers
thank you
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