Why it is "On Hold"

19-08-2008 07:05
Why GPTreasure won't pay for me? Two offers is on hold. :-(
19-08-2008 07:15
they are looking if u realy did the offers than ;)
19-08-2008 09:04
The description of each term is stated bellow the Offers, read it and you can see what it means.
19-08-2008 09:36
There is a suport forum for those questions
19-08-2008 16:30
Dear member,

Please use our Support Forum for such questions.
This forum isn't the place to ask those questions.

Thank you.
If you have questions related to our site please use our SUPPORT FORUM. If you want to see our latest updates please visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM. It's as easy as that.


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