Hello guys,
Today I'll show you how the Facebook Trivia works.

If you want to join this Trivia follow step by step,
Every single step here is required to enter the Trivia:

1. Click Here to get in our page on facebook,
or just click the banner below :

2. Hit the 'Like' button on our page on facebook. (You can find the 'Like' button here) :

Check in our page everyday if our mod updates a new date of the next Trivia.

4. Now - wait till the mod posts a new Trivia,
In the Trivia - the mod will ask you a question/s.
(Example of a Trivia's questions) :

5. After the mod posts new questions try to answer correctly and quickly as much as you can,
The first one that answers correctly is the one that gets the best prize !
(Example of an Trivia's answers) :

Congratulations ! Now you know how to join our Facebook's Trivia !

1. You must add in your answer: 'Final Answer' if you want to get the prize
(if you answered correctly - ofcourse).

2. Do not spam.

3. You can use any information & data you want from anywhere.

1. Answer only when you're sure that your answer is correct.

2. You can use any infromation in google you find - so you better search.

Good Luck !
Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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