[Guide] How does Monthly Contest works

12-05-2012 19:11
Hello guys,
Today I'll show you how does Monthly Contest works.

Background :
The Monthly Contest is one of our greatest contests,
All you have to do is to complete as much offers / tasks as you can !
You gain points for completing offers / tasks.


1. Complete successfully as much offers / tasks as you can and earn points.
(You can check how many points you can earn from every offer / task at the bottom of the guide).

You can check the leaderboard by clicking on 'Contests',
or just look at the bottom of the dashboard.
You can also check the leaderboard of the last month by clicking on 'Contests' and 'Last Month'.
(You can find the 'Contests button here) :

(The leaderboard looks like that) :
(Here you can also find the 'Last Month' button) :

Congratulations ! Now you know how to join the Monthly Contest !

You can gain:

1 point per normal offer / 2 external offers / 10 tasks.
2 points per daily survey.


1. You must earn at least 30 points to win any of the prizes.

2. You can only earn up to 7 points per month from the 'Path Offers' section.

You must earn at least 30 points to win any of these prizes.

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13-05-2012 18:48
Hey rephael!

First thing is I don't know if I can post on this thread but,all I can say is your awesome! Thanks for this another wonderful guide!

Keep it up!

For any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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