Hello guys !
Today I'll teach you how to make a blog and get referrals from it !

I highly recommend to open a Blogger's blog.

Just follow step by step :

1. Click here and go to Blogger's site.

2. Now click on "Sign Up" and fill-up your information.
(The registration page looks like that) :

3. After you've registered to Blogger, click on "New Blog".
(You can find it at the top).

4. After you've click on "New Blog",
It will open new a box. In the box you'll have to fill-up the title of your intended blog,
the web-address of the blog and template and then click on "Create Blog".
(It looks like that) :

5. Congratulations ! You've opened your own blog !
Now all you have to do is adding new posts in your blog.
Just click on the icon at the top, it looks like a pencil.

6. After you've added some posts it's time of designing !
Click on "Template".
Now, you can design your blog by HTML codes or just with text,
It's all depends on you.
(The "Template" page looks like that) :

7. After you've designed you blog you can add some cool gadgets,
You can add banners and JavaScript codes and so HTML codes to your blog.
For example : you can add your Get-Paid's banner in your blog to bring more referrals.
All you have to do is to click on "Layout" and adding your own gadgets,
You can place it wherever you want !
(The "Layout" page looks like that) :

Congratulations ! You have a perfect blog now !
Make your blog about Get-Paid to get referrals.
Post your blog link in many social networks and show it to your friends !
You can also post you links here - in this awesome topic.

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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