Hello guys !
Today I'll teach you how to play & bet on games !
That's very simple.

Just follow step by step :

1. Put your mouse pointer on 'Games' and click on 'Play Games'.
(You can find 'Games' at the top of the dashboard, it looks like that) :

Choose the game you wanna play / bet on and click on 'Play Now'.
(It looks like that) :

3. After you chose your game and clicked 'Play Now' choose the amount you want to bet on,
You can choose :
2/3 Players - And the winner gets 0$,
2 Players - And the winner gets 0.02$,
3 Players - And the winner gets 0.1$.

Now just play the game and try to get your best score !

5. After you've finished the game - you can check who won in the 'Tournament Results'.
(Click Here to get there)
Sometimes you'll have to wait till some player will join the game, so please be patient.
(The 'Tournament Results can be find in 'Games' section, it looks like that) :

Congratulations ! Now you know how to play & bet on games !


If you've earned some cash by winning in games you can't bet on this amount of money again,
Example: Let's say you had 0.02$ before you bet and you won and you have now 0.04$,
You can bet on this 0.04$ again.

1. Don't try to cheat in the games, it violates our TOS and you might get suspended from Get-Paid.
2. Be patient, you'll get better from game to game.
3. If you think that someones cheating in the games please report him (Click Here).

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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