Hello guys !
Today I'll show you how to open an account on PayPal.
You can put your money from here to your PayPal E-mail.

Just follow step by step:

Go to PayPal.com.
(You can also Click Here)

2. Click on 'Sign Up'.
(You can find it at the left side of their's homepage, it looks like that) :

3. After that choose your country and language and click on 'Open an account' under 'Individual'.
(It looks like that) :

4. Now you'll have to complete the registration page,
You'll have to fill things like your E-mail, Home Adress, Phone and stuff like these,
Make sure you fill your real informations and the e-mail that you used to use.
(The registration page looks like that) :

5. After you've filled all of the required information you'll have 2 options :
First option : You can add a credit card and verify your account.
Second option : You can not to add a credit card and to not verify your account.
Ofcourse that the first option is more recommended,
but if you don't have an option to add a credit card - you better choose the second option.
(You'll see the page right after the registrations, it looks like that) :

Congratulations ! Now you've just opened a PayPal account !

1. Don't forget to confirm your E-mail address.

2. When you don't verify your account you'll have some limits but you still can receive payments.

3. Don't open more than 2 PayPal accounts.

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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