Hello guys !
Today I'll show you how to sign-up to Get-Paid,
that's very simple.

Just follow step by step:

1. Go to 'Get-Paid.com' or Click Here.

2. Fill out your E-mail at the top of the homepage or just sign-up throught Facebook,
If you sign-up throught Facebook skip on step 3.
(You can find it here) :

3. Now fill out your 'Username' and 'Password' and choose the correct shape.
(It looks like that) :

Congratulations ! You've signed-up to Get-Paid !

Now all you have to do is to complete your profile details page,
Please include your Payment type & ID so we can send you your payments.
(It looks like that) :

The more details you complete - the more percents the "Profile Meter" goes.
(The "Profile Meter" looks like that, Example of 100%) :


1. Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing-up.

2. Fill out your correct payment details so we can send you your payments when you cash-out.

3. Like us on Facebook (;

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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