Hello guys !
Today I'll show you how to add friends & thumbs up members.
That's very simple

Before everything I'll have to teach you how to get into a member's profile.

XXX - Instead of this write the name of the member you want to get in his profile.

How to add friends

All you have to do is to get into your friend's profile and click on "Add Buddy".
(You can find it here) :

After that, your request will be 'Pending'.
(It'll look like that) :

And if he accepted your request you will see 'Friend'.
(It'll look like that) :

How to thumbs up
Get into the profile of the member you want to thumb up,
And click on "Thumbs up" and you've done.
(It looks like that) :

Congratulations !
Now you know how how to add friends & thumbs up members !

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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