Hello guys,
in this guide I'll give you some tips and methods and ways to get
a lot of referrals just try to use this tips and you will thank me.

Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get referrals - especially if you got many friends. All you have to do is to post your referral link once a day and explain that this great site (Get-Paid) is the best and tell them how easy is to get money here.
I really recommend this way.

Make Your Own Blog
Yes, so making your own blog is another epic way to get referrals and way more,
all you have to do is to get in
and make a new account.
Now, all you have to do is thinking about how to design and build you blog,
you can use traffic sources for making the blog more popular and only then to put banners of Get-Paid and getting your plenty of referrals.
I recommend this way less then the "Social Networks" method.

Good Friends
One of the best methods is to tell your friends in the real life to join this perfect place,
convince them that they can make a lot of money and stuff, and it's really easy,
you can make from this way a lot of referrals.
Highly Recommended.

I will update this topic every 5 days if I'll get feedbacks and some more ways !

Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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