I got locked out from my account!

09-02-2014 17:14

Please help me.. I was shocked upon logging in to my account today. Na-locked out ako because I'm a scammer? Paano nangyari yon? I was just doing tasks and I have been very honest. Wala rin ako mga referrals and very few ng mga buddies ko (just those who invites me). The last activity I did is noong mag-cashout ako ng earnings ko and before that i was doing a task and sent a few messages sa isang pinoy here who just joined the site. He was asking for tips on how to earn here on this site and i just replied to him. That's all i did.

Please.. please help me. This is the first time na ma-locked out ako from all the PTC/GPT sites na sinalihan ko. And this is where I have been earning the most.
09-02-2014 17:16
Can you double check it now?
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Get-Paid.com Admin
09-02-2014 17:42
I got my account back!!! Ang bilis! This site is awesome! Thanks Admin and thanks MOD.
10-02-2014 17:06
Sorry sa late reply Ljmarie,busy kasi ako... I'm glad ayus na lahat!
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