Helo everyone, how are you doing?

In order to create a better experience for our members and also make our forum more proffesional, you are asked to follow this simple rules.

1- Always finish with:

"Sincerely/Regards/Have a nice day/ etc,

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2- Always be polite with our members and respect them. NO BAD WORDS

3- Try to always understand them, even though they are wrong. Remember, we are online thanks to them.

4- Be Neutral and Objective. Do not share your own views, you should be an impartial voice.

5- Keep it simple and be clear! Very important!! Instead of writing 1000 words, write it in just 10 if possible!

6- Be Fun!

7- Reply as soon as possible!

8- Do not edit anyone's post unless it's SPAM!

Also Check http://www.get-paid.com/forum/moderators-forum/Moderator-etiquette.13260

Good luck everyone and keep up the good work!
For any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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