How to level quickly?

30-11-2016 06:58
You collect xp in order to go up levels, which in turn, help you earn more coins !

Collecting xp is fun !

Simply use the site as much as you can, doing stuff like: Completing offers, posting in our forums, playing games, completing our missions and watching your xp goes up !

The simplest and most effective way to collect xp is to complete offers, tasks surveys, and get referrals, all which can be found under the earn coins section.
For every coins you earn from the ‘earn coins’ section, you will also get the same amount of xp.

There are many other ways to get lots of xp.

Every day, when you login, you get 30 bonus xp, posting in the forum gives you xp, playing games, liking us on fb and lots of other activities !

Referring friends will get you lots of xp, as well as coins!
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30-11-2016 20:56
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