[NEW!] Link.im Passive Earning Method [HIGH CPM] [TRUSTED]

26-06-2015 23:56

Today I'll introduce you a brand new link shortener site and give you my passive earning method. So what is this site? What does it do?
Well, many of you might know but let me explain;

1. You shorten a long links on Link.im.
2. You get traffic on these links.
(Please do not use Hitleap, Jingling or any other traffic exchange since they will not work and will get your account banned so, stay away from these. Always get REAL traffic on Link.im)
3. You earn money.
NOTE: They don't use Captcha on skipping ads so, you will not lose visitors whom don't like entering captchas!

So, how much can I earn?
but depends on your country rate: http://link.im/publisher_rates (not your country, country(ies) of TRAFFIC)

US Traffic per 1000 visitors!

min on left - max on right

Let's get on work with method!
1. Firstly, register using this link: http://link.im/panel/index.php?refid=Blaxis
2. Okay now you should be registered and verified your e-mail.
3. Shorten a link that should ATTRACT people.

What can it be? Simple! Anything that would attract people. Just think the agenda. What happens nowadays? What do we need most of the time? And such. Depends on your country agenda/traffic country agenda.
Okay, now you have your shortened link. What to do now? As I specified above, do not use Traffic Exchanges! They will not work! They just get you banned. Then what?

Use Social Media. How? If you are in some big pages/groups or have some famous accounts etc. post your links there with good titles, descriptions.

Don't have these? Don't worry we still have something works! What are these?:

AddMeFast, LikeNation, LikesPlanet, and such.
Please register them using my ref.:
AddMeFast: http://goo.gl/CAZCD8
FollowLike: http://goo.gl/hgntTZ
LikesPlanet: http://goo.gl/Yqsgqo
LikeNation: http://goo.gl/UBO6Uf

[COLOR=red]After registering them, use Twitter Shares, Facebook Shares, other shares and comments with ATTRACTING title/description and maybe with a picture.[/COLOR]

Now finally, watch the money grow!

05-07-2015 12:41
Does this needs PayPal ?
follow me on twitter:@ianburst
07-07-2015 18:39
I will give a try !!
23-11-2016 03:56
hope it will stay 4 a long time
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