Cherry credits Thanks gptreasure!! :) 2months ago

15-09-2008 13:55
Hey ive won the cherry credits 2 months ago ive been inactive last time then i looked up ive there were some new offers then i seen a message of Gp :P

But you ever wanted to know the message looks like?

Cherry Credits Reward

Here is the ePin details for you that you need to place in your Cherry Credits account and then receive 5,000 (x2) Cherry Credits:

Serial Number:
1) (****im not gonna let u see****)
2) ****************

Security Code:
1) ************
2) ************

Thank you for using our website!


Thank you gptreasure
16-09-2008 05:18
HAHA...lucky you!
Have fun with the Cherry Credits!
16-09-2008 13:40
cOngratz' you lucky One'
16-09-2008 18:44
Si hablas español y tienes dudas, por favor abre un nuevo tema en el apartado de Miembros de Habla Hispana.*Proud of being part of Get-Paid Team*SIEMPRE FUERTE 8-)
24-09-2008 14:38
Thanks thanks :P i wish u guys luck for the next upcoming event!
24-09-2008 16:58
congratzz :P
24-09-2008 17:22
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