GPTreasure ROCKS! I Got paid !

23-08-2008 11:53
On all the other survey site's it takes years to get something or u don't even get any money.
So my first day on GPTreasure I do some simple offers wich take a few minutes. And 2 days later I already recieved my money. AWESOME.
23-08-2008 13:02
congrats! earn more!
23-08-2008 19:31
Good Job, keep it up^^
24-08-2008 10:07
Congrats, go buy yourself something nice ;)
25-08-2008 20:27
yeah =D ever since i signed up for this site, i made a paypal and my brother let me use his credit card to verify it! so im 14 years old with a paypal woot
30-08-2008 13:33
Yea, other sites are just fakes this one really pays you and yes even though they have weekly payouts now, i still think its fast
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