I've got my first payment!

19-09-2008 05:13

Many, many thanks gptreasure, i got my first payment. i really love gptreasure. You're one of the best paid to click sites!
19-09-2008 06:31

my first payment from gptreasure. thanks a lot gptreasure. you're one of the best!
19-09-2008 12:49
urls not working...
double posts...
oh well! congrats!!!
be active and earn lot!
19-09-2008 21:06
Congratulations! Be sure that GPTreasure will pay you all the times! Earn more money now. :)
20-09-2008 15:04

edit : ah just use this!!
21-09-2008 05:28

thanks newbjeremy
here's my proof of payment form gptreasure
21-09-2008 08:13
thats a bit...
OH THE HECK! be active and get urself to GOLD
then have lots of money!
21-09-2008 10:08
nice ;)

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Nice !! :))
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