Wen will they pay me for offers ?

06-09-2008 05:03
Any body can tell how long it will take time to get paid in offers ? coz i had two referals and 7 offers done ..i got paid for referals but my offers are in pending ..
06-09-2008 06:10
GPTreasure Payment Times:

Refferals- Every Fridays (yesterday)
Offers - Weekly (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Be patient, this site is just where you will become one. :-)
06-09-2008 12:26
yeah, except i almost lost control, when i first got message that said: click here... but they solved it on 1 week...
06-09-2008 14:23
be patient, you will get paid like later, wednesday

if you think bux.to pays more than 6 moths after you request the payment...

GPTREASURE ROCKS, no more ;) u know! everybody know,!
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