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11-01-2012 19:57
If you are looking to make big money, How does $500 per month sound ?
Referrals is probably the best way to get it.
Yes this is real, you can make $500 per month and more. it might take a long time, and require lots of efforts, but it can be done.

Doing offers is great, but why work alone ? You can do the offers while others are doing them simultaneously and making you earn much more cash !

Here are some basic tips:

  • Make a YouTube video and post your link (Recommended!)

  • For example - see this - .(Can be done without the voice as well, if you dont like speaking).

  • Post your link on Facebook/twitter once a week! – even if a small portion of people sign up, you just might double or triple your income .

  • Write a review about and post your referral link .

  • If you dont have a website, you can easily open a free blog at sites like ,hubpages, squidoo, weebly.
    It's better if you write your first posts with NO LINKS, then add them in a few posts you make afterwards. This will ensure your account will not be deleted.

  • Post your referral link where people search for work. Some sites(craigslist) won’t let you link to survey websites, so send them your email, then your referral link and direct them to this page!

  • Post your link, and talk about the site, over a short period of time you will start seeing your results.

  • Participate in forums and share your referral link in your signature.

There are tons more ways to get referrals. The most important thing is to not give up.
You never know when a super user would sign up, and make you $50, from his work alone!

This is not just hype, you can truly make a great income, month after month.

Happy earnings !
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02-03-2016 06:24
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