Slow and steady wins the race

05-05-2013 13:40
I would like to share my experience about affiliate marketing and the methods that have brought me the most referrals. You might know some of the methods I will describe and others you may never even have thought of.

I still highly recommend to carry out the various tasks which are available in get-paid so you get a good understanding of how they are resolved.

It makes it easier for you to eventually put your referrals into work by completing tasks like you are doing.

The better understanding you have for solving the tasks, the more you will earn from get-paid. This applies to your activity but also your referrals activity in 2 tiers.

It is possible to train your 1 tier referrals but a bit harder to train your 2 tier referrals.

The way you can solve this problem is by making sure you educate and inform your tier 1 referrals in such a manner that they are able to teach their tier 1 referrals the same way you tought them.

One thing is to have a list full of referrals another thing is to have a list full of active referrals.

The problem with referrals who stop being active can be caused by many different reasons, but in most of the cases it is because they simply lose interest in the concept.

If they do not get a good introduction and is familiarized with the possibilities, they will eventually look for something more rewarding.

My advice is that you share your knowledge with your referrals. Tell them about the possibilities of get-paid and help them learn to solve various tasks.

A good way to establish referrals is to use the opportunities for marketing on social media like facebook, twitter and many others.

If you have a blog or a newsletter you can also use these media to disseminate information about get-paid.

Your blog does not deal with get-paid as the main topic but you could start a blog that had a specific issue where you could publish a post about get-paid. You can also offer your assistance via Skype or other IM messaging systems.

It takes time to learn your referrals up and show them the potential, but in the end you will sit with a list full of active referrals rather than a list where one-third have fallen away.

Good luck and feel free to add me as a friend here on get-paid for a chat.
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30-05-2016 16:38
Post to many forum and facebook, it work, and i get referrals for these
có bạn nào việt nam ko lên giúp đỡ đi
30-05-2016 16:40
i want to up leve help i don't understant
có bạn nào việt nam ko lên giúp đỡ đi
31-05-2016 04:37
i want to up leve help i don't understant
Mình muốn kiếm nhiá»u tiá»n quá. Năm 2016 mình phải thay đổi chứ :(
26-09-2016 10:59
hard to up level
26-09-2016 15:00
how can I up lv3 fast??
26-09-2016 16:18
Gửi đến nhiều diễn đàn và facebook, nó làm việc, và tôi có được giới thiệu cho các
Single , Fun, ... Big dream
03-10-2016 16:39
Please check

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