Tips for your referrallink! :)

18-01-2012 20:33
Hey all, I wanted to share with you some tips/tricks.

First of all, put your referrallink in your signature, so if unregistered people look on the forums, they'll maybe see your signature accidentally, they're curious and maybe they register on your referrallink!

Active on other forums? Put it in your signature too, for example with the text: "Make $100 a month, free and legit!". People will obiously click on it and try it AND they discover it this is real and they make a lot of money, and you do too!

Share it with your friends on social networks, refer family members, friends, relatives etc.

If you have a YouTube account, post it in your description so people will click on it and register, you'll get a lot of profit when you have an account with a lot of subscribers or/and viewers.

That's all for now, I'll probably get more tips but you'll have to do with this.

I hope you enjoyed it and all will try it because it is profitable for, the new member and YOU!

- iYassin :D
18-01-2012 20:46
Great tip iYasin ;) Now ill compete with you haha joke...

Nice ill try this if I have time :D
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