Will I reach 1000 referals..?

30-06-2013 22:48
All of you who think its difficult to get referrals, I will give you a screen shot of how many referrals I have, and tell you not to give up. There is alot of people out there who have never heard of get-paid :)
The only thing you have to do is find them :)

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01-07-2013 05:29
no OMG!! lol how did u get that many?
01-07-2013 05:31
hmm what is ur tip to get more referrals?
01-07-2013 09:19
Wow, that is a wonderful achievement. I believe you will reach 1000 referrals very soon! :)
Good luck!
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01-07-2013 11:29
This encourage me to start hunting again...:)

01-07-2013 22:23
You will reach them sure!! :) Good luck!! and keep it up!
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02-07-2013 06:58
Thank you everyone.
Im sure there is someone who has even more referrals than me, but how I did to get my referals is as follows:

I have the luck to know in person a popular blogger here in Sweden, and she let me for free advertise my get-paid ref link on her blogg. If you dont know anyone who is blogging, try to find a well visitied blogg and contact the owner maybe for a small amout of money he/she will advertise your ref link.

Secondly, I run a homepage who is about a town here in Sweden. It contains almost everything you would like to know as a tourist and have plans to visit this specifik town here in Sweden. The most important thing about this you own the domain name.
Maybe you wonder how that can bring referrals?
Let's say like this, imagine you own the domain washington.com or washington.net, or maybe new-york.com....
If you dont sell a domain like that, you can setup a internetsite like I did, with good content and connected to the specifik domain.
If your internet site become popular among tourists, maybe companys in your neighboorhood contact you and offer you money to advertise on your site...

Last summer a friend of me got a summer-job on a local newspaper here in sweden, and one day I talked with her if she could write an article about making money online, and she did - with my ref link in the end.

Good Luck everyone
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02-07-2013 12:06
Great work, and thanks for the tips !
I think with the new design, and the new referral system, you should be earning much more from now.
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05-07-2013 10:09
I think you are almost done. keep good work and you will be succeed.
10-07-2013 09:44
Amazing ...
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