August 8, 2008 - Advertising Forum

08-08-2008 15:44
We have to take off the Advertising Forum.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best Regards,
If you have questions related to our site please use our SUPPORT FORUM. If you want to see our latest updates please visit our ANNOUNCEMENTS FORUM. It's as easy as that.

Regards, Admin
08-08-2008 15:47
no wonder it's not there...
08-08-2008 15:50
I haven't used/watched that forum anyway so doesn't really matter for me :)
08-08-2008 16:10
I don't see why you have to remove it.
08-08-2008 16:52
why dude removed it??
it was ok ,,, not for me ,, but for others,,, but certainly ,, proplems came from !
08-08-2008 16:53
08-08-2008 18:01
oh... we lost record of those who said they will pay for those who sign up...
08-08-2008 19:56
I have 25 refferals and you take off advertising from web-sites =( It's very bad for me =(
09-08-2008 01:44
Hey everyone,
We are sorry for removing the forum but you must understand that it was really bad for the rating of our website, if we could have kept it we would have, but we just couldn't, please try to understand.
09-08-2008 04:32
Yeah, it's fine with me.
But the bad part now is, advertisers are now invading the General section ahhh!
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