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20-06-2008 06:21
hey annayesh at least tell us which from which video yu\ou'll ask the question
20-06-2008 06:21
Yea :-) Absolutely ready :-d
20-06-2008 06:22
ask the question
20-06-2008 06:23
Be patient m8 :-)
20-06-2008 06:23
hey ask the question there is too much traffic , that you want
20-06-2008 06:25
the question will be posted about this one
20-06-2008 06:25
5 min left
20-06-2008 06:27
tell us how much time left
20-06-2008 06:30
Its now the time to ask the question
20-06-2008 06:31
Here's the question for the first video
Unusual Bowling Style

[color=CC0000]* What were the two guys doing at the minute 0:12 ?[/color]

The first member who reply with the right answer will get the $2 prize via PayPal or E-gold.

good luck! :-D
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