$$"Contest" Enter and Win 5$ Very Easy$$

13-06-2008 04:52
Hey ... Im there carry on with the question !
13-06-2008 08:22
Will it be done at 16:30 GMT today ?
13-06-2008 12:30
when you'll ask the question annaayesh
13-06-2008 13:36
Hi guys!
Thanks for your interest in my contest.

but there are only 2 or 3 member who wanna participate, and that`s pretty bad :-(

We're waiting for more members to join us.

If we got al least 10 members today I'll post an question on 16:30

Good luck! :-)
13-06-2008 14:53
Too bad the people dont wannna get some free money :-P... If you consider my suggestion ... then shift it to a saturday or a sunday ... those are the days when max people are online
13-06-2008 16:46
I want to be in it ive been trying to win contests and i will still participate in mostly all of them.
14-06-2008 07:47
good stuff...
15-06-2008 08:27
I'd like to compete ^^
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15-06-2008 09:07
Lets wait for Anaayesh now :-D
17-06-2008 08:47
Any updates ?
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