$$"Contest" Enter and Win 5$ Very Easy$$

06-06-2008 17:48
My previous post -
So any plans to do it twice a week ? :-P

Anything as such ?
06-06-2008 17:50
And just a suggestion for ur site -

Try n add this error msg when some1 doesnt have flash player installed as in utube -

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.

Or anything like that ... coz i cudnt get the problem and then i searched for the same video on utube and this is where is found the error :-)
06-06-2008 17:54
It maybe done twice a week if we have more participators.

About the error caution,I`ll work on this.

Thanks :-)
06-06-2008 18:30
Here its another participator!

It should be good if we have a clock here in hte forum.
Its so confuse
07-06-2008 04:07
It maybe done twice a week if we have more participators.

Hoping for the same :-D

BTW , Congratz to the second winner :-)
07-06-2008 13:55
I want to participate too!

and congratz to all winners!
08-06-2008 02:56
Annaayesh try To Take The competion 2twice In a week
08-06-2008 03:22
Yea twice a week would be nice and congratz to the winners.
08-06-2008 07:29

Let's see how many user will join it? :roll:

btw the two videos will be posted here later on today.

Good Luck :-D
08-06-2008 13:05
Atleast I will :-D
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