[Guide] How to Complete Tasks

30-03-2012 18:53
See the post below.
11-05-2012 14:38
Hello guys !
Today I'll guide you how to complete tasks !
That's very simple.

The tasks update every day so you can enjoy new tasks in any time !
Basically it's an automaic system by CrowdFlower that checks your sumbitted tasks.

Just follow step by step and you will succeed :

1. Put your mouse pointer on 'Earn Cash' and click on 'Tasks' (You can also Click Here).
(You can find it at the top of the dashboard, you can find it here) :

2. After you've clicked on 'Tasks' choose a task from the big list,
You'll see tasks for 0.02$ to 0.10$ - it all depends on the difficulty of the task.
(Here you can see a list of tasks) :

3. After you've chose a task from the list you'll have to follow the instructions,
It'll make you understand what you have to do in the task,
You can find the instructions in the task - after you click on the task you want to sumbit.
(Here is an example of instructions) :

4. Now, after you read the instructions you can start providing the information they want,
It might be - links, names etc.
You just have to click on 1 answer of 4 (You'll know what to answer by the instructions).

5. After you've done the task click on 'Sumbit' and wait 2-60 minutes till it'll be approved,
Please be patient, it's an automatic system after all.
You can fine the 'Sumbit' button at the bottom of the task's page.
(It looks like that) :

Congratulations ! You've done a task perfectly !

My Tips :
1. Be honest and read the instructions and provide correct information,
You have percents, if you are used to provide correct information, stick that way you'll have 100%,
But if not - it'll go down.
You have to get 90% at least if you want the they will pay you.

2. Be patient about the payments, it might take some minutes,
Like I said before, it's an automaic system that checks all automatically.

3. Don't skip on the instructions - it's the most important thing,
If you skip on the instructions your % of thruths will go down and you might not get paid.
Rephael - Get-Paid's Moderator.
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11-05-2012 23:51
We'd like to emphasize that any members who are having issues with the tasks should read the post below.
We cannot assist members with tasks as we only provide these & we don't control these, so if you are having trouble with the tasks please pay attention to the post below.

This post is an actual "Advertisers response" which we received after we reported them issues with tasks.

"Please have your user log in to our support/community forum at:


There, he/she should create a topic and describe this issue. Our support team will read and respond to it there. **It is very important that he/she include his/her Contributor ID as well as the Job ID of the task on which these questions came up.** The forum has detailed instructions for how to find these two pieces of information" .

Where can I find my "Job ID" & "Contributor ID" ?

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