You can find your referral link here :

On this page, you'll see the following :

Share your unique referral link with others which looks like this :******

where ****** would be your unique Get-Paid Member ID.

This is the link you would give to people if you want them to join as your referral.

More Info about the Referral Program :

  • You get paid 20% of what your direct referrals make and 10% of what THEIR referrals make. Members can make hundreds a month just by referring other members to our free program!

  • Basically, if you refer someone to Get-Paid, you'll receive a 20% referral commission. For example, lets say you have a friend join. Your friend earns $1. Your friend will keep the entire $1, and you will receive a bonus of 20 cents. It doesn't sound like much, but it can really add up.

The referral commission percentages also increase as you add more referrals :


Your current level
Total active referrals: 0
Tier 1 commission (20%): $0
Tier 2 commission (10%): $0
Amount earned: $0.00

Senior Your next level

Active referrals needed: 150
Tier 1 commission: 25%
Tier 2 commission: 15%

Master Your 3rd level
Active referrals needed: 500
Tier 1 commission: 30%
Tier 2 commission: 20%

First level referrals are the people you refer to Get-Paid. Second level referrals are the people your referrals refer.

You can also get referrals by sharing Get-Paid on Social networking sites or by Making a website/blog about Get-Piad. Check out this link : for more details on "Referral Program".

For more referral tips. Please visit Referral forum.