How did you find get-paid?

03-05-2016 15:17
I found it on google
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06-05-2016 13:41
I found it on google too.
07-05-2016 09:14
I found it on Google search.
07-05-2016 09:51
I landed here via referral of a friend
07-05-2016 11:54
i found from tbn
07-05-2016 12:02
my friend told me about this site
07-05-2016 12:24
I read about S**gb***s in a newspaper article, but couldn't sign up due to location restrictions, so thanks to Google I found Get-Paid as the most reliable "alternative". Am I not lucky? ;)
07-05-2016 13:57
on gg site
08-05-2016 15:04
I found it on a fb
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10-05-2016 16:49
do they pay via paypal ?
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